What We Offer

Almost a major proportion of the organizations use private or public cloud computing to fulfill majority of the IT needs. It is unanimously agreed that cloud computing improves the efficiency, kicks in innovation, and acts as a key driver for revenue growth. At Innospire, our approach is to work with our customers to evolve a cloud model that is optimal and viable for their long-term cloud operations.

Innospire's cloud service is an opportunity for companies to retool and rethink their approach towards data. It is the presence of cloud capability that brings in speed and quality in an organization.

How Innospire’s Cloud Service Benefits Business

Cloud Application Strategy

A fully cloud-native application strategy determines the speed at which applications are built, how the existing ones are optimized, and interconnected.

Cloud Data/Application Migration

Innospire's data migration strategy involves a comprehensive audit of the existing database structure, identifying the ETL requirement and creating a roadmap for a foolproof migration.

Cloud Infrastructure Strategy

Innospire's team of experts will come up with a complete cloud infrastructure roadmap that covers the technology roadmap for implementing the cloud capability, and mandatory requirement for disaster recovery needs to ensure business continuity.

The Innospires' Approach to Cloud

Innospire's cloud specialists come with the necessary technical expertise and are aware of the best practices in cloud implementation. Our team will do the initial assessment, and devise strategies for optimization and migration to fully leverage the benefits of the cloud.

Our cloud migration service offers the ability to modernize mission-critical applications and other IT resources. We are very particular when it comes to planning, testing, and implementing the standard framework recommended for cloud transformation.